Career opportunities are diverse and constantly increasing as the public becomes more aware of their health and appearances.

There are many career prospects in the Beauty, Hair, Make-up and Complimentary Health industry.

We at Academy of Beauty are dedicated to providing a high level of education, together with a positive attitude and our commitment to assist with finding employment you will have no difficulty finding employment in:

  • Health hydro’s
  • Spa
  • Hair and beauty salons managing/owning
  • Cosmetic companies
  • Television and film
  • Stage and theatre houses
  • Wedding co coordinators
  • Hospitals and medical clinics
  • Cruise lines
  • International sports teams
  • Training schools
  • fashion houses & magazines
  • Personal artist for celebrities
  • Working for photographers in make-up and hair
  • Make-up artist international departmental stores and for cosmetic companies
  • Freelance make-up artist
  • Opening your own business
  • Nail technologist on cruise liners
  • Representative, product trainer or manager of a professional product house l
  • Teaching and training l Moderators and assessors.


The standard of Education you receive is the ladder that can carry you to greatness. It is one of the most important things in life without education you cannot contribute to the world or earn money. Knowledge is power, so when you know what you can do, you can move towards success.

To be successful in any career one needs the appropriate skills and expertise as well as the passion and love for the industry. A career in this industry is very rewarding and there are certain challenges however the pros by far out way the cons. Like anything if are passionate and love your work it will not feel like hard work. ALWAYS LOVE WHAT YOU DO and you will be successful

Success comes when you are doing something that you actually enjoy doing. Believe in what you do and always have the highest intentions

ALWAYS LOVE WHAT YOU DO and you will be successful.