Duration: 6 months part-time

This course is mostly practical with theoretical based knowledge providing the learner with extensive skills in Make-Up.


  • Make-up, corrective, day, evening, special occasions and bridal
  • Professional conduct and business awareness
  • Fashion, theatre and media make-up
  • Specified techniques:

Scratches • Grazes • Cuts and wounds • Bruising new and old • Scars• 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns • Shock • Sweat • Tears • Sun and wind burn • Snow, ice and frost bite • Blood capsules and bladders • Missing teeth • Bullet wounds • Broken noses • ‘Drug addict effect’ • Stab wounds • bald cap • Laying on of loose hair • Applying & dressing facial hair • Applying stubble • Eyebrows • Moustache • Sideburns • Wax and putty to alter features/block out eyebrows • Technique of ageing using latex • Application and removal of ageing make-up (middle and old age) using make-up on the face/neck, neck line, hands, ears, chest and back