It is no easy feat to become the best at what you do, but that is why you would trust Sharon Rae Academy of Beauty to teach you all that you need to know for you to grow to your fullest potential. We offer a variety of courses that allow every student to learn their desired skills and the ability to become competent and talented industry professionals.

Once you have grown your skills in the art of beauty, and you may have the desire to share your talent with others and help them grow into world class beauty therapist/make-up artists and hairdressers. It has now become easier to become a qualified facilitator and assessor of your craft. By enrolling in our teacher/trainer qualification you will get the hands on and practical experience that you need, coupled with the relevant theory to become a world class beauty trainer.

You will be granted the opportunity to gain the practical hours that you would need to be a competent and a qualified facilitators and assessor. The industry is always in need of greatly skilled individuals to bring personality and artistic flare to inspire the future industry entrants. We are looking for applicants who will be willing to go the extra mile to bring change to the industry and mentor their future students and apprentices to bring a new set standard of beauty to all of their clients.

The teacher/ trainer course is an advanced diploma course to achieve a facilitators and assessors qualification. The course will include the facilitators and assessors program. The moderators can also be achieved once you have a taught in an accredited college. We are here to help you help your own students bring a feeling of beauty, confidence and radiance to all of their clients.

If you have that desire to help others grow and learn, and if you want to make every client feel as beautiful as we know they are, enrol in our facilitators and assessors course today to become the future of our industry!

South African Facilitator (Certificate)
Duration: 6 weeks
(Pre-requisites: Beauty or hairdressing diploma or certificate)

South African Assessor (Certificate)
Duration: 6 weeks
(Pre-requisites: Beauty or hairdressing diploma or certificate and South African Facilitator)

South African Moderator (Certificate)
Duration: 6 weeks
(Pre-requisites: Beauty or hairdressing diploma or certificate, South African Assessor and 2 years teaching experience)

ITEC Teaching (Diploma)
Duration: 1 year
(Pre-requisites: Beauty or hairdressing diploma or certificate)

To obtain a Sharon Rae Academy Diploma in Teaching and Educating, you will need to be found competent in South African assessor, facilitator and moderator training.

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